January, 2019

This is it. January, 2019. I’ve been waiting impatiently for this month.

Not because it’s a “new beginning” with 1st of January (I’d rather think about the year as a continuous line thing than a wheel which goes around and around), but because with December is gone, my attention is usually sparking up for the events of the given year 😉

So, what about 2019? Well…Let’s start with the events.

  1. 11th of May, Tour de Tisza lake, 65km
  2. first half of June, Tour de Pelso, 200km
  3. Middle of July, Tour de Ring, 105km

Not many right? I’ve picked these because these are mainly amateur events, without people who are participating in the Hungarian road cycling cup. I like the mood on these events.

How am I’ll hold up there, we will see. In 2019, I’ll start the year stronger than ever. Fact, not fiction. Last year I’ve had a mediocre year, however, the Build Me Up training plan in Zwift gave me an edge (over my past self) with the end of the year, and I’ve kicked off January in a good and generally strong mood (again, comparing to myself). After a week, my regeneration suffered because the training load was up, my calorie intake was down. Readjusted, now it feels more comfortable. Before it was under 2k kcal / day + training kcal, now it’s 2.3 kcal / day + training kcal.

While we are at it, my ultimate target with the meals is to get at least to 85kg by the end of the year. So it’s a whole year target, while training for the above events. Currently I’m 92,3kg (measured yesterday), 0.5 kg lighter than a week before. If the trend would be similar thru the whole year, I’d hit 85 by Christmas 😉

So about January. Restarted the BMU training plan. Yes, seriously, I’m doing it again. First of all, I gained great strength by it, so why wouldn’t I do that again with increased FTP? Secondly, I’m filling up the rest days with workouts of the 6 weeks beginner FTP training. It conatins mainly Z2/Z3 efforts, which fits well for me into the week.

Also, great news! It looks like the Group Rides I organized last years are sticking to the wall, Zwifters from ZHO (Zwift Hungary – Official) are interested! So the Sunday group rides are my responsibility for every second Sunday, and enjoying it! 🙂

Enjoying it so much, so I’ve organized a Wednesday morning (like, early morning..or rather dawn) ride for the young parents who can only do rides at dawn because family and work. We call it Dawn Patrol, and there are a dozen rider (hey! we are talking about a small country, okay? 🙂 ) who are intrigued to come and do it.

So yeah, January is pretty exciting, and I do hope it’ll continue in February!

Thanks for reading!


Andras aka The Zwift Bull


Zwift Fondo November 11th

It’s Fondo season again in Zwift! Time to put out some grueling watts for “oh-too-long” duration, and earn that food afterwards!

So the first stage is complete (it was held on 11th of November), and after a short discussion with Family, I’ve opted for the Bambino distance. I know, Bambino distance seems short, but here is the catch: you’ll go up to the Radio Tower (Epic KOM included ofc), and when you are closing in on that last 10km, it sends you up to Volcano KOM!

So plenty of opportunity to destroy those muscles! With the short distance comes a higher pace, so if you aren’t in control of your effort (e.g. you go with the flow of others),you’ll hurt badly. I’ve learned it in a hard way (via a handful of DNF in Zwift Racing)

During the event I as mainly in control. My target was to keep up an effort which is uncomfortable, yet manageable til the end. Targets were 1-1.5 W/kg on downhills, 2-2.5 W/kg on flat and 2.5-3.5W/kg on uphills. Uphill was rather 3W/kg, as I wasn’t dare to push my limits at the first half, and took a laid back approach on the Radio Tower uphill section, didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot in the first hour.

After the Radio Tower, on the downhill section I started the surges on the very short uphills (there is one? or two? Can’t recall) which I continued on the Volcano. Volcano KOM was a nice addition to the end of the route, but the positions didn’t really changed there, everybody settled by then (of course, some fall back, some came up in front, but no real fluctuations).

When we started the Volcano KOM downhill, I’ve caught up some (5?) other riders, and later a group formed up to 1km mark. With 800 meters to go, I’ve opened my “sprint” (or rather a higher effort) with 3.5-4-4.5W/kg, but it was way to early, and around the 200m mark a handful of the riders caught up and left me behind.

All in all, it was a good experience, I’ve managed my efforts, and enjoyed every minute of it!

Let’s do that again in December 😉

My TrainingPeaks data about the event

Pictures, you ask? Here you go!