After a couple of weeks went undecided what to focus on in 2019, I’ve decided to start a proper preparation for three events (one A and two B events if you’d like).

The A event will be a 204km long Tour around Lake Balaton in June, 2019. It is technically not a race, but a few couple of Homo Sapiens dressed in Lycra usually thinks otherwise (me included).

The two B event will be in May and in August. In May, there’ll be a 65km non-race event around Lake Tisza. This one is usually a very looong FTP test. You push from kilometre zero until the finish line. As it is in May, you could end up with rainstorm, or heatwave, or wind, which makes it quite a challange to prepare for. The August one will be the first for me, it’s called Tour de Ring. It is a 105km long road cycling event on the race track Hungaroring. Don’t really know what to expect, we will see.

You can find the details about my training in the My Training menu.